How can Handsam E-Training Centre benefit your staff?

Your staff could be trained to a ‘pass standard’ in the core areas of Health & Safety and many other areas in which it is difficult to provide straightforward, cost-effective face-to-face training.

Cost effective

It is a fact that most schools only train a handful of staff in Health & Safety and compliance areas because budgets are limited and traditional training is charged per person. For one, cost-effective annual fee, the Handsam E-Training Centre allows every staff member to complete the full range of training modules. As the modules can be completed at your staff’s convenience, there are no supply teachers to pay for while staff are away on courses.

Better trained, better protected 

Because the Handsam E-Training Centre enables all staff to be trained directly, the safety of your staff and pupils will be improved. Also, you will be much less open to litigation should an accident happen as often the first thing any lawyer asks to see is the relevant training records. With the Handsam E-Training Centre those records are automatically kept for you.

Automatic updates

As the system is hosted online, we update the Handsam E-Training Centre modules as the law, government advice, policies and practices change, hence you will always be trained using the most up-to-date information.

Record keeping

The Handsam E-Training Centre has a built in training log that automatically records the training progress of your staff team and even reminds them by email when their refresher course is due. Managers and staff alike can see how everyone is doing at the click of a button. This system can also be used to keep a central record of all other staff CPD and training requirements, usually costing £400 per year on its own. Auto-prompting also means managers can allow the system to prompt completion of annual training refreshers, hugely reducing admin work.

24/7 Access

Finding time for group training in schools is notoriously difficult and inset days are too precious, covering matters higher up the priority list. The Handsam E-Training Centre can be accessed individually 24/7 and can be picked up and put down without losing any progress - perfect for fitting around the school life of a busy teacher or support staff member.

3-year peace of mind

Sign up now and we’ll guarantee our prices for the next 3 years so you don’t need to worry about rising costs stretching budgets.

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