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Handsam E-Training Centre

Train ALL staff cost-effectively in

health, safety, welfare and compliance topics

Our specialist health & safety, compliance and support E-Training package provides unlimited access to over 30 online training courses, comprising videos, resources and assessments.


In addition, you can use the training log to keep all your records of 'real-world' training and use the system to create your own courses to distribute document and policies for staff to 'sign' to confirm they have read them.

Contact us for details.

Our Most Popular E-Training Courses

Managing and Administering Medicines

Medical conditions are increasing amongst the UK’s school-age children. This course takes a look at the duties schools have to deliver medical support for a wide range of conditions such as asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes and epilepsy; discusses policies and procedures; and takes you on a guided tour around a high quality medical facility, touching on mandatory elements of your provision.

COVID-19 Hygiene

This module is relevant to all staff as everyone needs to be aware of the vital COVID-19 hygiene precautions needed to be taken in schools and academies from September 2020.​

It covers topics such as hand washing and hygiene, cleaning, PPE and social distancing, for both staff and how they should manage their students and any equipment in use.

Fire Safety in Schools

This module is suitable for all staff who need to be aware of the precautions in place in schools to prevent and fight fires and to perform prompt and safe evacuations. If you need to induct fire marshals then this course covers all of the necessary fire basics. You will just need to deliver a local orientation session to complete their training.

Classroom Risk Assessment

This module is for all staff - everyone needs to be able to carry out swift risk assessments armed with the right questions to ask themselves and the right things to take into consideration.

Manual Handling

This module is for all staff - anyone may need to pick up or move heavy items such as books and photocopier paper or even perform straightforward tasks such as setting out tables.

Display Screen Equipment

This module helps members of staff working on computers learn how to set up their own workstation so that they do not suffer detrimental health effects.

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