Cleaners Induction

This module provides cleaners with a straightforward introduction to a range of health and safety issues and tests their understanding and competence.

Driving Minibuses in Schools

This module is relevant for all staff who drive or wish to drive minibuses in schools. Please note that this course alone does not in any way solely qualify you to drive a minibus. You must contact your responsible person who manages the minibuses at your school or academy to ask them what driver training you will need to do in order to be allowed to drive your minibuses.

GDPR – Data Protection

This Handsam E-Training module on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will inform your staff quickly and easily of the key aspects and expectations of this far reaching data law. It ensures you have delivered your duty of making sure that all staff members are aware of the new GDPR regulations and their role in keeping information safe and secure.

Investigating Accidents

Investigating accidents and near misses on site forms an important part of health and safety management. This module is applicable to any staff member tasked with elements of accident investigation and covers the right and wrong questions to ask, interviewing victims and witnesses, gathering evidence, identifying root causes and creating SMART action plans.

Managing Minibuses in Schools

This module is relevant for all staff who manage minibuses in schools, including those who manage drivers and those who manage the maintenance regime of the minibus. Please note that there is a separate course for driving a minibus in schools which should be taken if you wish to drive a minibus on behalf of your school or academy.

Safeguarding Children

This module is suitable for all staff as everyone needs to know about safeguarding children, what the law says you must know and do, and what you must do if you have a concern about any student you come into contact with through your work or volunteering activities.

Working at Height

All school staff are tempted to 'work at height'. Whether that be standing on a chair to open a window, on a desk to adjust a projector, or on a work surface to put up a display. ​ This module explains why failing to take working at height seriously could result in serious injury and how all staff can take simple steps in order to avoid this and work safely. ​ For those who need to know more details about using ladders, there is a full description of using ladders, stepladders and other suitable equipment.

Coping With Stress

Stress is now the biggest single cause of teacher absence from work, so this course is designed to give you and your staff practical methods by which they can identify and manage their own work-related stress. This will lead to a happier, more productive workplace.

First Aid Refresher

The HSE recommends that all qualified first aiders undertake an annual refresher course if their qualification lasts for more than 12 months, for example the 3-year First Aid at Work course. This course fulfils the requirements for the annual refresher by taking qualified staff through the full range of topics.

Health and Safety Induction for Staff

Inducting staff in health and safety has never been so straightforward. Introduce them to the key points so that they can begin life in your school or Academy well-versed in a wide range of key topics in a way which allows you to measure their understanding through Handsam's E-Training Centre. Taking this course will the ensure that your staff need just a straightforward local orientation session in order to complete their induction process.

KCSIE - Confirmation of Reading

This course allows managers to evidence that all staff have completed the formal duty of reading Part One and, where relevant, Annex A of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).

Manual Handling

This module is for all staff as anyone may need to pick up or move heavy items such as books and photocopier paper or perform straightforward tasks such as setting out tables.

Slips and Trips

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries in schools and lead to millions of staff and students days off per year, affecting student achievement. This module covers avoiding slips and trips, typical hazards in school to watch out for and ensures all staff are vigilant in eradicating problems before they occur.

Display Screen Equipment

This Handsam E-Training centre module helps all members of staff who work with computers learn how to set up their own workstation so that they do not suffer detrimental health effects.

Flexible Working

This module is relevant to all staff, as anyone may wish to apply for flexible working or may need to understand the rules and regulations that apply. The module includes ACAS advice on the best practice as well as a full explanation of how to make and manage a flexible working request.

ICT Safety

This Handsam E-Training Centre module is relevant to all members of staff as every staff member will need to know how about the safe use of electricity or electrical items, such sockets, power cables, extension cables, projectors and machinery.

Lone Working

This module covers how to identify lone working and the various circumstances in which it may occur in education. It explores the different risks generated by lone working and looks at how they can be managed and reduced.

Recording and Reporting Accidents

This Handsam E-Training Centre module covers what your legal duties are in reporting and keeping records about accidents and near misses of staff, pupils and visitors. The course is suitable for all staff who will be involved in any aspect of this process. The module covers all aspects of the law in terms of both RIDDOR reportable and non-RIDDOR accidents and near misses, with practical and clearly detailed examples.

Stress at Work

Everyone feels stressed at times. This Handsam E-Training module gives practical advice on how to recognise indicators of stress early, how to understand how it is affecting you and gives tips on coping strategies and advice on how to raise the issue with your manager. It is suitable for all staff, no matter what their role, seniority or full-time/part-time status.

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