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Working at Height

All school staff are tempted to 'work at height'. Whether that be standing on a chair to open a window, on a desk to adjust a projector, or on a work surface to put up a display. ​ This module explains why failing to take working at height seriously could result in serious injury and how all staff can take simple steps in order to avoid this and work safely. ​ For those who need to know more details about using ladders, there is a full description of using ladders, stepladders and other suitable equipment.

Course Presented by: 

Paul Knight


15-20 Minutes

Key topics covered

  • What does working at height mean?

  • Working at height legislation

  • Working at height in schools

  • Who should work at height?

  • Why working at height is dangerous

  • Avoiding working at height

  • Common misconceptions

  • Working with ladders - practical demonstration

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